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Message from the Principal (4/22)


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Dance Company Auditions

If you are going into 8th grade, and are interested in being on Dance Company for the 2020/21 school year, please join this Canvas course: For more audition information and to submit an audition application & video. All videos and audition applications are due by Monday, May 4th. Please contact Ms. Paulsen ( ) with any questions!

Mental Health Assistance

To address the growing need for mental health supports, the Canyons Department of Responsive Services is launching an online behavioral supports request form. A CSD representative will respond to all requests within 24 hours, Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

Locker Clean Out, Etc.

Monday, May 18th – Friday, May 29th  –  We will have students clean out lockers, turn in Chromebooks, musical instruments and library books, and pick up art projects.  More specific information to follow.

Grading for 4th Quarter, 2020

Last night the Canyons Board of Education approved a grading framework for the 4th Quarter, 2020.  Below I have important end of the year calendar items and then the district grading information for secondary schools:

Important Calendar Items For the End of the School Year

Friday, May 15th – End of new instruction for all content areas (no new work assigned)

Friday, May 22nd – All late and missing work is due

Friday, May 29th – Teachers will finalize grades


Canyons Secondary Grading for Quarter 4, 2020:


  • To provide a report of student learning on prioritized standards during the Final Grading Period 2020.
  • To afford students and teachers the flexibility considering the unanticipated challenges of remote learning.

Grading Scale

  • Letter grades (A, B) will be awarded according to calculation methods established by Secondary Leadership.  There will be modifications to the grading scale with the addition of a Pass (P) and an Incomplete (I for high schools) and a No Grade (NG middle schools).
  • Modification explanations:
    • Students who do not earn an A or B will be able to earn a P for a passing grade.
    • In accordance with recommendations from State Superintendent Dickson, No F’s will be awarded during the Final Grading Period 2020.  Any grade that would have been an F will be automatically replaced with an Iat the high school level and an NG at the middle school level.
    • The table below identifies the grades and percentages a student may earn as well as the effect on graduation credit (9th-12th grades) and high school GPA (term and cumulative).

Grade (Percentages for 6-12)

Yields Credit (Grades 9-12)

Affects GPA

A = 85-100 %

B = 70-84%




Pass (P) = 45-69%




Incomplete (I)

No Grade (NG)



Fail (F)

Not available for the Final Grading Period 2020

Not available for the Final Grading Period 2020


Additional Information on Pass (P) Grades

  • Passing grades will be automatically assigned to any student who falls into the 45-69% range of grading calculation.
  • If students or parents at the high school level are concerned about scholarships, NCAA eligibility, or college admission requirements, they should consult a school counselor or administrator.

Additional Information on I (Incomplete) and NG (No Grade) Grades

  • I and NG grades awarded during the Final Grading Period 2020 will NOT automatically convert to an F grade after a period of time.  They will remain on the transcript as an I at the high school level unless modified by grade change or grade replacement procedures that will be available at individual schools.  The middle school will keep the NG on transcripts since grades are not credit bearing in grades 6-8. 


  • No citizenship grades will be given during the Final Grading Period 2020.

Hang in there.  We know that students are missing their friends and it’s harder for them to concentrate as the weather gets nicer outside.   We also understand that are many different circumstances and stressors out there; just do your best – that’s basically all we can do right now!


Kelly Tauteoli

CSD Offers Counseling, Self-Care Strategies for Coping with COVID-19

Happy boy sticking drawings on his window

We’ve countered COVID-19’s assault on our physical health by social distancing and working and educating our children from home. But what can, and should, we be doing to safeguard our mental health?

World health experts who have argued for flattening the COVID-19 curve are now warning of a second coronavirus wave of depression, anxiety and emotional exhaustion that could last long after the infectious disease threat has waned.

“It’s important to take care of yourself after any traumatic event,” says BJ Weller, Director of Canyons District’s Responsive Services Department, which oversees counseling and social-emotional supports in schools. “But this health crisis has been particularly worrisome from a mental wellness perspective, because the steps we’ve needed to take to respond can make it harder to cope emotionally.” Social distancing has left many of us socially isolated and economically vulnerable. We are grieving the loss of loved ones and important rituals, from weddings to graduation ceremonies, even as we lose connection with family and friends, the very people to whom we turn to mourn our losses.

But students and parents can take comfort knowing they’re not alone, Weller says. “We’re all going through this together, and help is available.” Throughout the soft closure of Utah’s schools, CSD social workers, psychologists and counselors have been proactively checking-in with students by email or phone. As the growing need for mental health supports has become apparent, the Department of Responsive Services is now launching an online behavioral supports request form that parents can easily access from home.

Request Social Emotional / Mental Health Support

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Message From the Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Like you, we were so sad to get the news that we will not be back to normal school this year.  I’m mourning the loss of graduation for my son that is a senior, and I know it’s especially hard on our 8th graders, who are missing those things that they’ve looked forward to for three years.  We know how much our students are missing their friends and teachers.  We are missing them too!


I’m sure you’re wondering how to claim things from student lockers.  Our building is closed to the public in accordance with directives from the state and county.  We won’t be able to make a plan to clean-out lockers until they lift some of the Covid-19 restrictions.  My guess is that will be sometime mid to late May.  As soon as we get the green light, we will get back to you with a plan. 


We know now that school will be online for the rest of the year.  The one exception we can make in letting parents come into the Union building is to pick up a Chromebook (because it’s so important for student learning!) 

Our Main Office will be open to check out Chromebooks on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m. 

Need to Speak to a Person?

Our main number is being answered remotely between 8:00 and 3:00 each week day. 

Announcement for Advanced Theater

If you are going into 8th grade, and are interested in being in Advanced Theatre Class for the 2020/21 school year, please join this Canvas course for more info and to submit a video audition. Video auditions are due by Friday, April 24th. Please contact Ms. Grant ( with any questions!

Announcements from PTSA

  1. Memory Books – Memory Books are being printed right now.  We will get information in the coming days on how they will be distributed.  If you have Memory Book questions you can contact Candace Koester at the email below.
  2. PTSA Board for 2020-21 – Our amazing PTSA President, Candace Koester, has given Union 5 years of service as the president.  The rest of her board will not have students at Union next year.  They basically need to fill every position on the board for next year.  If you are willing to help out, please contact Candace:

Word of Encouragement

We know we will have to do some make-up and review at the start of next year.  Anything you can do to support your child’s learning at home will help.  If you’re overwhelmed and overburdened, you’re in good company.  Please don’t worry; do what you can, and we will regroup when school resumes. 


Kelly Tauteoli

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