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Union Middle School Disclosure 2023 - 24

Academic Grades:

The primary goal of grading is to provide high quality feedback to the parent/guardian and students, enabling them to clearly understand a student’s progress, appropriately support the learning process, and encourage student success.

Weighted Grading:

Grades at Union Middle School will be determined by assessments and assignments weighted as follows:

    • Assessments (test, labs, projects, essays, etc.) will be weighted as 80% of the grade 
    • Assignments (practice) will be weighted as 20% of the grade

Grading Scale:

A: Exceeding Standards


B: Meeting Standard


C: Approaching Standards


D: Just Starting 60%-69%

NP: Not Proficient 59% and below

Late Work and Retake Process:

Assignments and assessments help teachers guide students’ learning by seeing what they can and cannot do. They are critical measures of student understanding; therefore, we provide students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding. Prior to retaking an assessment, you will be required to participate in a review process.

Due Dates:

You should make up missing assignments and retake assessments throughout the quarter rather than just before the following due dates. This allows teachers to give you feedback, gauge your understanding and provide further instruction, as needed. However, teachers will accept late assignments up to the final dates/times below.

Late work and retakes will be accepted for each term until the following dates by 3:20 pm:

  • Quarter 1: All work to be turned in by Wednesday, October 18th, 2023 due to Fall Break 
  • Quarter 2: January 5th, 2024
  • Quarter 3: March 15th, 2024
  • Quarter 4: May 23rd, 2024

Citizenship Grades:

Citizenship Grades will be based on student’s behavior and tardies.

Citizenship Grade



H: Exceeding Standards

Your behavior serves as a model for peers, is consistent with UMS Behavior Expectations


S: Meeting Standards

Your behavior is consistent with UMS CATS Code and no more than 1 Think-Time


N: Needs Improvement

Your behavior is inconsistent with UMS CATS Code no more than 2 Think-Times, and no more than 2 Office




Attendance is essential component to your academic success.  When you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the work you missed from your teachers and turn in the missing work.  If you are more than 10 minutes late to a class, you will be considered Way Late.  Your parents/guardians will be contacted.


You are considered on time to class if you are in your assigned seat with your learning materials before the bell stops ringing.  If you are not in your assigned seats and/or do not have their learning materials ready, you will be marked tardy. If students exceed 10 tardies in a quarter, they will participate in a learning lunch to recoup the lost learning time.  For tardies above 6, students will meet with an administrator and additional interventions will be implemented.  

Food and Drink:

Please consume outside foood or drink (other than water) in the cafeteria.  If there is a medical need for food (e.g. diabetes), then we will provide an accommodation through a medical plan.  


Personal Technology Devices: 

Personal technology devices (i.e. cell phone, tablet, ear phones, etc.) should not be used during instructional time without permission from the teacher.  If you are having difficulty following this rule, the teacher will take your personal device to the Main Office for safe keeping. After the first two offenses, a student can pick up the device from the Attendance Office at the end of the day.  After the third offense a parent/guardian will be contacted and the phone will be checked-in and held the entire next learning day in the Attendance Office. 

School Computer Use:

Each student will be issued a Chromebook to use for the entire school year.  Any student who shows the proper respect to this equipment can enjoy this privilege.  

    • When you are using a school Chromebook, you are financially responsible for the computer.  The district has a fine schedule to replace/repair equipment in the event of broken Chromebooks, cracked screens, broken keyboards, or lost charging cords. 
    • Appropriate behavior is expected if all students using computers.  Inappropriate behavior will result in the loss of all computer privileges.  
    • Please do not put any personal stickers on your Chromebook.
    • Any problems with the computers, the software or the printers should be reported to your teacher.  Please do not attempt to fix any machine or program yourself.  If a problem arises, please notify your teacher for assistance.  
    • Log-ins and passwords should be kept confidential at all times.  


Students will use a platform called Canvas to access materials and assignments for each class. Students will often complete assignments in the Canvas platform and teachers will grade the work and offer feedback on the platform.  However, to check the status of your grades, please refer to the Skyward grading system, not Canvas. 

When you are ill or have to miss school, you can find your missed assignments on Canvas.

Online Grades:

Student grades for all classes will be available at: http://www.skyward.canyonsdistrict.org

Individuals with Exceptionalities: If you have a disability and need accommodations in connection with your learning, please speak with your counselor and/or administrator.  We are here to help. 


Throughout the year, students will be shown clips for educational instruction purposes that are rated G and PG.  If students are going to view a full length PG movie, the teacher will send home notification and a permission slip.  Movies with higher ratings than PG are not allowed in middle school. 


Union Middle School will be working conscientiously on citation this year; therefore, under no circumstance will plagiarism/cheating be tolerated in any classes. For plagiarim/cheating, students will redo the assignment and parent/guardian will be notified.  

Student Expectations 2023-24

We expect students to demonstrate respect for themselves, respect for others, and respect for school property. Any adult can/ will reward students who demonstrate school behavior expectations by providing PBIS Rewards Points. These points can be used at the school store. 

Following is a list of Union Middle School (UMS) School Expectations critical for all students to understand and observe.

Student Lanyards: 

  • Students will be provided a lanyard and PBIS ID card they must wear throughout the day. This card can be scanned for REWARDS points and to pay for lunch. This practice also supports overall school safety. 

Auditorium Expectations:

  • I applaud appropriately, turn off electronics, use appropriate language (tone, volume and words). I will demonstrate respect for myself as a learner, respect for performers, and respect for school property. 

Attendance Policies:

  • I understand school attendance is vital to my success. I attend school, be on time to classes and have my parent/guardian notify the school of an absence. The school and district goal is “Be Great! Miss Less than 8!” This is aligned with research on the impact of school attendance on overall academic success. 

Dress Code- Students may wear anything they want (including hats) as long as: 

  • There is not the presence or reference to sex, drugs, alcohol, or weapons on their clothing
  • The clothing doesn’t indicate gang affiliation 
  • The student’s face is visible to teachers and others  (ex: no hat and hood combination) 
  • Clothing should not distract from the learning process. 

Cafeteria Expectations:

  • I wait my turn in line, always walk, clean up after myself, keep my hands/feet/objects to myself. I demonstrate respect for myself, others, and the school property. 
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