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Schedule Change Policy

Schedule Change Policy

Why don’t I always get the classes I requested?

Please remember that sometimes a class that was requested may not be available because the course:

  • Had low enrollment and is no longer offered
  • Is full and no space is available
  • Had a prerequisite class that was not taken
  • There are conflicts with period availability


A schedule change should NOT be the expected answer for the following reasons:

  • Student does not like the teacher
  • Teacher is “too hard”
  • Class is perceived by the student to be too difficult
  • To be in a class with friends
  • Parent/Guardian does not like the teacher
  • Teacher gives too much homework
  • Student is failing the class
  • Sibling didn’t like the teacher
  • Adjusting your schedule for a lunch preference


Procedure of Change:

  1. In-person teacher meeting with student and parent/guardian to address the concerns. Official form needs to be completed and signed by parent/guardian, teacher, and student.
  2. Administrator meeting with parent/guardian, student, and teacher to discuss that the changes implemented from the teacher meeting are not working.
    • This meeting cannot take place within 2 weeks of Step 1 meeting.
    • During this time, students need to be in 95% attendance for that class.
    • Admin will determine additional steps that need to be taken or if a schedule change is approved.
    • Please bring a copy of the completed form with you to the meeting. Teachers will be notified if schedule change is approved.
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