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Safety Report 2019-20

SCC Safety Report Union Middle School 2019-20

SCC School Safety Discussion

Date this discussion was held: Thursday, November 14, 2019



    • SCC members present: Kelly Tauteoli, Shelly Karren, Lynn Nelson, Michelle Erb, Jeff Landeen, Stacey Timmerman, Jessical Vidal, Amanda Stevens, Stacie Weatbrook, Ryan Barnes
    • School Board Member: Mont Millerberg


Per the Union Middle School SCC on 11/14/19, the primary safety concerns related to

    1. School Visitor Protocols
    2. Earthquake safety (structural integrity of the building).


Other concerns related to social/emotional well-being of students and continuing to including tier 1 supports (Second Step) and continuing to invest in resources including a full-time social worker.


Digital Citizenship:

Date this discussion was held: Thursday, November 14, 2019

Participants: (same as above)

An overview of the district’s initiatives, including the new internet filtering system, was presented and discussed by Elaine Zhang, the Library Media Specialist at Union Middle School. 


Other topics of discussion included:

    • Cell phone use and policy
    • Specifics of filtering system clarified


The SCC feels that the school has a viable plan to present important internet safety and digital citizenship information to parents in the community (via school website, distribution of information at parent teacher conferences, etc.)


Faculty training on Digital Citizenship:  February 4

Description of training: Appropriate use of social media and communication by faculty, Copyright Laws regarding showing of movies through streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime


Description of student education on digital citizenship:

6th grade students receive 3 one hour lessons: 

    • Lesson 1: Understanding your digital footprint and the impact it has on your future
    • Lesson 2: Cyberbullying and the impact it has on you and your peers and how we can help prevent it
    • Lesson 3: Appropriate use of social media in our lives.

7th and 8th Grade

    • Ethical use of information taken from online- avoiding plagiarism
    • Google vs. Databases – what is a credible source


First community outreach:  Sept. 24, 2019

Second community outreach:  Nov. 14, 2019