615 East 8000 S, Sandy, Utah 84070

September 16, 2021 – Minutes

1. Welcome and Introductions

  1. Meeting Participants: Kelly Tauteoli, Jessica Wertner, Ross Booth, Ashley Backman, Ryan Barnes, Irina Stoddard, Amanda Stevens, and Stacey Timmerman

2. Election of SCC Officers – Committee members unanimously elected the following:

    2. Chair – Ross Booth

    3. Vice Chair – Ashley Backman

3. Meeting Format – Committee members prefer in-person meetings, but can do virtual if we need to in the future.

  1.  Update on Union Rebuild (Kelly) – We are a little ahead of schedule. We are lucky to have storage space (in the bowl behind Union Middle) to store materials.  We also were able to obtain materials from other stalled construction projects in the valley.  We now have all the steel we will need for the build and it is being stored on-site.  This has helped us avoid delays in the supply chain.
  1. Yearbooks – The school will take responsibility for the yearbooks for a second year. We plan to give every child a free yearbook so that all the students will have this important keepsake.  Christina Kelly from the Counseling Center has formed a yearbook group of 25 students that will help take pictures and design yearbook pages.
  1. Proposed Cell Tower Expenditures – Committee members unanimously agreed to spend cell tower monies on items from any of the following three categories:
  • PBIS Rewards for School Store
    1. Examples include: mini candy bars, water bottles, t-shirts, pencils, frizbees, etc.
  • Field Trip/Festival Buses
    1. Examples include: Dance Fieldtrip, Hillcrest HS Musical, Festival Busing
  • Teacher Recognition/Expenditures
    1. Examples include: Teacher appreciation, Waffle Breakfasts (Quarterly)
  1. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) – Second Step Lessons – This is our fourth year teaching Second Step lessons during our 20 minute advisory period.  Counselor, Jessica Wertner, showed the committee members a sample lesson from the curriculum.  Kelly explained that the lessons are a Tier One support for all students to build problem solving skills, develop emotional regulation, and learn how to set and achieve goals.  Any parent is welcome to come in to the school and look at the materials.  In addition, parents may opt-out students from participating in Second Step if they have concerns. 
  1. Ashley Backman wondered if we can use Land Trust or TSSA money for STEM/Robotics classes or even after-school programs. We all believed there would be students interested in this type of a program.  We will continue to discuss this in future meetings.

The next Meeting at Union Middle School: October 21st at 6:00 p.m.