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November 19, 2020 – Minutes

         Union Middle School         
School Community Council
November 19, 2020

Attending: Kelly Tauteoli, Shelly Karren, Christie Robinson, Lauren Lambert, Stacey Timmerman, Jessica Vidal, RJ Graham, Jeff Landeen, Elaine Zhang, Amanda Stevens


  1. Annual Digital Citizenship Report(Elaine)

District is using Content Keeper filter. Notification when students search on questionable topics.

Parents can use form to request to block or unblock sites. Google meets and Canvas can’t be accessed by people outside the district.

Staff is getting professional development on digital citizenship. 6th grade will be taught digital citizenship and cyberbullying. 7th & 8th grade will be taught ethical use. Jessica Vidal would like to add teaching about “trolling”.


  1. Report on current academic student data (reading)

6th grade Winter 2019 SRI 56% proficient- Fall 2020 49% proficient

7th grade Winter 2019 SRI 56% proficient- Fall 2020 61% proficient

8th grade Winter 2019 SRI 57.6% proficient- Fall 2020 60.8% proficient


  1. Counseling Data Report (Christie)

Data project this year focusing on at-risk students who have multiple low grades. Particularly our Latino students who are at a higher percentage. Will accomplish this through regular tracking and visits with counselor. Goal is to increase by 3%. We will report results at the end of the year.


  1. An update on the new building plan (Kelly)

Kelly is receiving the Administrator of the Year award!!

New building drawings have been finalized.

Construction company will be Hughes Construction.

They took into account staff ideas and suggestions to tailor the building to be functional and beautiful.

Breaking ground this spring on the soccer field.

At end of year the 400 hall will be taken out. Construction will be walled off from kids during the process.

Construction entrance will be from 7800 South, so will not affect school traffic.


  1. An update on school health/safety—online learning, etc. (Shelly)

Parents are grateful for SEL learning.

185 online learners during Q2

Students are expected to attend 15 minutes per class per day Virtual in-person. Teachers are breaking students up into learning groups so they feel more connected.

In-person teachers are making videos for instruction for quarantined students so they can re-watch.

8th grade has the highest online numbers but say it is still manageable.

Worries about students not engaging online. Heidi Berry in the Counseling Office is helping with this.

Jessica Vidal is impressed with the online learning shift. Teachers are responding quickly to students who have to go on quarantine


Next SCC Meeting will be February 18th and in January we may have our architects review the building plan with us.