615 East 8000 S, Sandy, Utah 84070

November 14, 2019 – Minutes

  1. Welcome

Meeting Participants:

    • SCC: Kelly Tauteoli, Shelly Karren, Lynn Nelson, Michelle Erb, Jeff Landeen, Stacey Timmerman, Jessica Vidal, Amanda Stevens, Stacie Weatbrook, Ryan Barnes
    • Mont Millenberg – School Board Member
    • Elaine Zhang: UMS Library Media Specialist


  1. Digital Citizenship Review (Elaine Zhang)
    • Canyons has a new filter that does a better job of grouping and blocking sites
    • Zhang teaches 6th grade CCA class about cyber-bullying, web footprint, and digital citizenship.


  1. Building & Incident Updates (Kelly)
    • Community support was amazing; school board recognized the efforts of UMS staff during the fire crisis. The District is also doing everything possible to support UMS.
    • Building updates: 700 West, 100, 300, 400, and Main Hall (including Main Entrance) are now open. Upper parking area will be open November 18th.  Information about lockers and students’ personal items reviewed. 
    • Full-day schedule to resume on December 2nd.
    • Review of missed time to make up—Kelly shared a detailed report of what was presented to and approved by the CSD School Board on Tuesday, November 16th


  1. Safety Review (Shelly)
    • Safety booklet is online and we can peruse it at our leisure.
    • Cones out front are a big improvement and parents love it.
    • The 3 fire drills we had on Tuesday were a success and the Fire Marshal signed off on us being in the building.
    • Primary safety concerns of the council: visitor protocol, earthquake safety, social/emotional learning and supports.


Meeting Schedule for 2019-20

The next Meeting at Union Middle School: February 20th at 6:00 p.m.