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Audition Information for this Year’s Musical

Hey there, future theatergoers! Get ready for an amazing musical adventure like no other! You see, sometimes in the world of theater, we need to be super creative and flexible, just like when things change unexpectedly in our own lives. But guess what? We always find a way to make the magic happen, just like they say, “the show must go on.”

So, here’s the scoop for this year’s musical: it’s not your typical musical. Nope, we’re doing something super cool called a “musical revue” that we titled “UMS Musicals: Awesome Mix Vol. 1”. That means we’re going to sing songs from lots of different musicals all in one show. It’s like a musical mixtape of our favorites!

Now, the reason we’re doing this is because we don’t have our usual auditorium this time. But don’t worry, we’re turning our new building into a stage! Picture this: you’ll be part of a grand musical tour of our new home. The performers will be your guides, taking you on a journey to different places in the building where they’ll sing and act out scenes from fantastic shows we’ve done in the past.

Imagine walking through the hallways and suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a magical scene from a famous musical. You’ll get to experience the excitement up close and personal. It’s like a treasure hunt for music and theater lovers!

So, get ready to sing along, tap your feet, and let the music take you on an unforgettable adventure. Our musical revue is going to be an experience to remember, filled with the joy of theater and the thrill of discovering new places in our amazing new building. We can’t wait to share this musical journey with you! 

Here are the details:

What: UMS Musicals: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 – It’s a Musical Revue highlighting songs from Union’s past musicals! (including Seussical, The Addams Family, The Music Man, Newsies, Spamalot and many more!)

Where: At the brand new Union Middle School! Songs will be performed in different locations throughout the school with the audience traveling to each space. 

Who: All current Union students are invited to audition! 

Why: (read this part like a TikTok influencer) So, it’s like having a big party to remember all the cool musicals from our past and also to show everyone how awesome our new building is!

When: Performance dates are November 15-18.

Audition Informational Workshops are September 12 & 14 in the Gym

Auditions are September 18- 20 in the Choir Room


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