615 East 8000 S, Sandy, Utah 84070

February 20, 2020 – Minutes

  1. Welcome

Meeting Participants:
Kelly, Shelly, Areli, Lynn, Michelle, Jeff, Stacy, Stacy, Amanda, Kelly, Jessica

  1. Update on Union Rebuild (Kelly)
  • Breaking ground April 2021
  • We will be able to stay in the building
  • Kelly has started campaigning for certain things in the new building
  1. Budget (Land Trust & TSSA): A Review   

Review 2019-20 Budget (Kelly)

  • With land trust and TSSA, the parents have final approval to say what they want
  • Next Steps, we will meet with BLT and present that proposal to the council
  1. Restorative Practices (Shelly)
  • Graphic designed by responsive services
  • We want kids to feel like they belong and that we care
  • We have been doing Second Steps, jury is still out on effectiveness
  • Circles is a new thing that teachers are trying to help community building
  1. Pilot Program Backpacks & Binders
  • 6th grade piloted this program
  • We are trying to teach organization through an AVIDish system
  • Are the binders cumbersome?
  1. 6th Grade Honors Discussion (Kelly)
  • Should we continue having honors in the 6th grade?
  • Not developmentally appropriate for 6th graders to have honors
  • We could keep the honors for 7th and 8th to get ready for high school
  • Parents are in favor of not having honors in 6th grade next year

Meeting Schedule for 2019-20

The next Meeting at Union Middle School: March 19th at 6:00 p.m.