Sub for Santa

Hosted by our counselors and the National Junior Honor Society club, Sub for Santa is a charity drive to support our local families during the holiday season.  Join us for Sub for Santa from December 3rd – December 19th! You can donate school supplies and hygiene products to your child’s team math teacher. The team that gets the most points for their donations will win the GRAND PRIZE! Please see below the list of items we are collecting for our drive. We ask that you not donate food or clothes. Donate now and let the holiday competition begin!

Classroom Supplies

  • Pocket Folder [1 point]
  • Gluestick [1 point]
  • Box of Pencils [5 points]
  • Pack of Highlighters [5 points]
  • Box of Tissues [10 points]
  • Crayons [10 points]
  • Colored Pencils [10 points]
  • Pack of Sharpies [15 points]
  • Package of Graph Paper [20 points]
  • Package of Lined Paper [20 points]
  • Scotch Tape (pack of 2) [20 points]
  • Full-Sized Scissors [30 points]
  • Clorox Wipes [30 points]
  • Dry Erasers [30 points]
  • Pack of Dry Erase Markers [35 points]


  • Small First Aid Kit [30 Points]
  • Flashlight [40 Points]
  • Reusable Water Bottle [60 Points]
  • Books [65 Points]
  • Smart Phone Chargers [75 Points]
  • Earphones [75 Points]
  • 72 Hour Kit [80 Points]
  • Scooter/Skateboard [90 Points]
  • Bike [100 Points]

Student Supplies:

  • Pair of Erasers [5 points]
  • Pack of Pens [5 points]
  • Canister of Led [10 points]
  • Full Set of Dividers [10 points]
  • Pencil Pouch [15 points]
  • Notebook [15 points]
  • New Binder [20 points]
  • Backpack [50 points]

Hygiene Products: Travel sized = ½ points

  • Tissue (Travel) [5 Points]
  • Floss [5 Points]
  • Chapsticks [10 Points]
  • Toothbrush [10 Points]
  • Soap [20 Points]
  • Toothpaste [20 Points]
  • Hairbrush [20 Points]
  • Pack of Hair ties [20 Points ]
  • Box of Bobby Pins [20 Points]
  • Hand Sanitizer [20 Points]
  • Lotion [30 Points]
  • Deodorant [40 Points]
  • Feminine Products Box/Package [50 Points]
  • Shampoo [60 Points]
  • Conditioner [60 Points]
  • 12 Pack Toilet Paper [70 Points]


Union Is Thankful

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we the administration, faculty, and staff at Union Middle School would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported us during our fire reconstruction.  We would like to thank the district office for supporting us with the additional manpower necessary to open up the school immediately following the fire. We would like to thank the Canyons School Board for their support throughout this reconstruction process. We would like to thank the construction crew, technology crew, and disaster relief crew for their round the clock efforts to have our building ready for returning to a regular class day beginning December 2.  We would like to thank our amazing students for their positive energy and attitude. Despite having to adjust to a half day schedule and changing locations of classrooms, our students have remained focused on learning. We are especially thankful to our community of parents who have shown nothing but support throughout this endeavor. We thank you for the supportive emails and words of encouragement and for entrusting us with your students everyday while we rebuild Union and return to normalcy.  Thank you to everyone. Our hearts are full this holiday season.

Nov 14, 2019 – Agenda

  1. Welcome

Meeting Participants:

      • SCC: Kelly Tauteoli, Shelly Karren, Lynn Nelson, Michelle Erb, Jeff Landeen, Stacey Timmerman, Jessica Vidal, Amanda Stevens, Stacie Weatbrook, Ryan Barnes
      • Mont Millenberg – School Board Member
      • Elaine Zhang: UMS Library Media Specialist
  1. Digital Citizenship Review (Elaine Zhang)
      • Canyons has a new filter that does a better job of grouping and blocking sites
      • Zhang teaches 6th grade CCA class about cyber-bullying, web footprint, and digital citizenship.
  1. Building & Incident Updates (Kelly)
      • Community support was amazing; school board recognized the efforts of UMS staff during the fire crisis. The District is also doing everything possible to support UMS.
      • Building updates: 700 West, 100, 300, 400, and Main Hall (including Main Entrance) are now open. Upper parking area will be open November 18th.  Information about lockers and students’ personal items reviewed. 
      • Full-day schedule to resume on December 2nd.
      • Review of missed time to make up—Kelly shared a detailed report of what was presented to and approved by the CSD School Board on Tuesday, November 16th
  1. Safety Review (Shelly)
      • Safety booklet is online and we can peruse it at our leisure.
      • Cones out front are a big improvement and parents love it.
      • The 3 fire drills we had on Tuesday were a success and the Fire Marshal signed off on us being in the building.
      • Primary safety concerns of the council: visitor protocol, earthquake safety, social/emotional learning and supports.
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